Don’t Miss Best Books For IIT JEE Main/Advance Preparation

By | June 25, 2013

Best books for IIT JEE Preparation 2014 :-

IIT JEE Main and IIT JEE Advance are the entrance that are conducted every year for the admisison in IITS,ISM,IT-BHU,NITS and  various other leading government engineering colleges of India.Many students have the question in their mind is how to prepare for iit-jee/what reference/books we should prefer?? In this article i am going to share with you Best Books for iit jee preparation 2014 both for advanced and main exam.

Now-a-days students usually start their prepartion for jee from class 5th or class 6th.But according to me and experienced teacher,this age is for students to prepare mentaly for the preparation.The actual age for jee  preparation is from 9th class.

For an average student clearing jee exam within 4-5 months is not game. First of all one should have to study on regular bases.Take coaching in a good coaching or reputed coaching centre like Fiitjee, Resonance, Bansal Class and many more.Coching classes have its own importance and you can learn from the experienced teachers.

Best books for iit jee preparation 2014

Best books for iit jee preparation 2014

Books JEE Preparation for 11th Class Students :-

Most of the students started preparing for jee exams from the class 11th onwards. From this year student have 2 years of golden chance to crack jee mains and advance with a good rank.You have to be serious,sharp and alert.Study regularly and first go through your ncert text book. Solve each and every problems from ncert. If you are not able to enter into any coaching centre than you can take a corresponding course from a reputed

  • PHYSICS  :-              First to clear all the concepts go through S.L.ARORA, then stick to H.C Verma
  • CHEMISTRY :-       NCERT(use Xam idea for board purpose)+ Organic-Morrision-Boid
  • MATHEMATICS:- Ncert (R.D.SHARMA for board purpose)+ M.L.Khanna, Co-ordinate geometry

Note :- Also solve Previous Year IIT JEE Question and sheet which are also important.

Books for JEE Preparation for 12th :-

This the main year for the students of  class 12th.In this year you have to prepare well for boards too. Go through all the books that are have mentioned into above category i.e. for class 11( class 12th version) .  But additonal one thing is that is various institute conduct All India Test Series , you can register yourself and sit in these test series.This will tell you how prepared you are for your iit  jee exam.And try to increase your study hours in class 12th.

Books for JEE Praparation for Drop Out :-

This is  do or die situtation for students. You have only one chance to crack iit jee or study in your dream college. Go through the books i have mentioned above category i.e. for  11 class. Dont even miss a single moment. Made up your mind and study hard.Just make your schedule for a day and prepare accordingly.You can also register yourself in All India Test Series conducted by different institutes.

NOTE :- Every year many students are appear for jee exam. The compettion is very tough. You have to be the best. Its not easy to clear jee exam without any preparition. You have to work had to achieve something good. The article is for the averege and below averege student so that they can cope up with the other. \

This books will help you in any other competetive exams like bitsat,vit,srm too.So this is my part of suggestion regarding best books for iit jee preparation 2014 If you have any better idea or you want to suggest other books then feel free to suggest via comments so that it helps other students like you.

Gud Luck for your Future :)